Pebble Pushers Requirements

Being the respected club that we are requires us to enforce certain Pebble Pushers Requirements to maintain our standards.  We strive to be the best we can be as a unit/team and this makes it necessary for our club to say "no" occasionally to a person trying to join our team.  Therefore, we post these easy-to-meet-requirements for people interested in joining our club.  Please read below to see what it takes to be in Pebble Pushers Car and Truck Club.



   All vehicles must be clean and presentable at all shows, cruise nights, and any and all other functions. Vehicles must be of Pp standards and remain within said standards at all times as well as representing the club to its fullest potential. All qualifying vehicles must display the full club logo (front and rear with the color of oval and Pushers being white and Pebble of individual choice) at all times. Vehicle must be lowered and have custom wheels unless approved otherwise. No primer unless custom body modifications are being performed. Must have a minimum of three mods in which wheels and lowered do not count.




   The member requirements are as important, if not more important, than the vehicle requirements. Upon completion of Pp application, the individual must agree to our "Pusher Prospect" policy.  Our Pebble Pusher prospects must attend meetings and shows for a minimum of 1 year to show that they are serious about joining Pebble Pushers.  During this 1 year prospecting period the member will not pay dues and will not receive a "full" logo.  He or she will use a smaller "Pebble Pushers Prospect" decal in their rear window. After the year passes, and the prospect has shown initiative, meeting and show attendance, and ongoing modifications to their vehicle, the prospect will then be asked to become a full member of Pebble Pushers Car and Truck Club. All members must respect the name Pebble Pushers and all of the club's affiliates. Members must not disrespect the club name, any of its members, or anyone else associated with Pp in any form at any time. Individuals must not have any conflict with existing members or with any other club and/or its members in the show scene. Membership dues must be kept up to date. Club meetings must be attended, if absent it is the members responsibility to contact the current attendance representative. Probation and/or termination are enforced for absenteeism, loss of interest, failure to pay dues, or any other justified reason. In the event of termination or your leaving, the Pebble Pushers logo must be removed from vehicle and all club related items received (shirts, jackets, hats, etc.) must be returned or legal action will be taken.




   Pebble Pushers get many requests to start new chapters or to copy its name. Pp tried this in the past and it caused more problems than good. Therefore it will stay ONE CLUB, ONE CHAPTER!!!!!!!!

Thanks for checking out the pebble pushers requirements.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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