Jo Manley

Pushin since 2013

1992 Mazda king cab 2600i


4x4 sheet metal, shaved emblems, shaved body seams, shaved antenna, shaved passenger side door handle, 1993 Miata door handle on driver side, Ford Edge headlights, Toyota 4wd front bumper and valance, shaved taillights, Toyota Supra taillights in rollpan, raised bed floor, 1986 Mazda raised tailgate letters in bed floor rear panel, shaved tailgate handle, tailgate handle flipped to inside tailgate, inside bed walls sectioned to look stock, manual dump bed, 40x40 street beat sliding rag top, paint is complete color change to Mint Pearl Mica.

Under the hood

Trailer fenders, inside under hood shaved, Australian right hand drive, rb25det series 2, 1996 Nissan Skyline motorswap, Isis intake manifold, 90mm throttle body, 650cc fuel injectors, Isis high flow fuel rail, upgraded spa turbo, over size intercooler, rb25 5 speed transmission

Drive Train Suspension

Zed rear clip, Toyota 5 lug swap, 1988 Toyota rear end, 1989 Toyota 3'' drop spindles, 1989 Toyota brakes and hubs, 2600 firestone bags in rear, 2500 firestone bags in front, 22'' Zenetti wheels, 225/30/22 tires.


​1959 Biscane dash cut and flipped for right hand drive, 40% bronze Llumar tint front windows, 20% bronze Llumar tint on rear sides and rear window, 40% bronze Llumar tint on front windshield.

Future Mods

​24'' wheels, redo front suspension to clear 24'' wheels, convert to a-arms in front, redo rear suspension to 4-link, z-front 1.5-2'' to lay flat frame on 24s, custom build interior to 1959 Biscane style, if there's room after 24'' wheel body drop to pinch, put dump bed on air, front tilt hood, suicide passenger side (new driver) door, Miata handle on passenger side (new driver) door, French in antenna into rear cab side, rear inner fender wells, snug top, sliding rag in snug top, side tilt snug top, upgrade all air ride